Quattro Spray Paint


Learn more about our new lacquering, rust-resistant spray paint!

Introduce Quattro Lacquering Paint Spray from Würth!

Quattro Spray Paint is our new lacquering coloured paint spray with anti-rust properties.

This satin-finished thick-coat spray paint is easy to apply and does not run, with excellent coverage including edge covering. Its anti-rust properties make it extremely useful in metal fabrication trades, as well as in the maintenance of all vehicles and heavy machinery.

When treated with Quattro Spray Paint, no surface rust is detected after 500 hours of salt spray testing.

Quattro at a Glance

• Rust-resistant
• 100% resistance to weathering and UV
• Priming not necessary
• Can be used on residual rust
• Ten colours to choose from

Quattro as Primer

When used as a metal painting primer, Quattro Spray Paint offers outstanding adhesion to virtually all surfaces.

Once dried, this lacquering spray can be painted with virtually all commercially available paints.

Quattro as Lacquer

Quattro Spray Paint achieves excellent coverage and dries extremely quickly, to help you work more efficiently and implement the workpiece as soon as possible with maximum confidence.

The lacquering properties impart a high degree of shock and impact resistance to all treated surfaces.

Quattro Spray Paint is available in 400ml cans and is supplied with a fan nozzle for low-mist, fatigue-free and metered spraying via its special valve.

Choose from ten different RAL colours: RAL 1003 (Signal Yellow), RAL 1007 (Daffodil Yellow), RAL 1028 (Melon Yellow), RAL 3000 (Flame Red), RAL 5002 (Ultramarine Blue), RAL 6005 (Moss Green), RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey), RAL 7035 (Light Grey), RAL 9005 (Jet Black), RAL 9010 (Pure White).

Make Quattro Spray Paint your partner in your painting and lacquering tasks. Our new spray is the universal product for quick priming and painting of metal objects and surfaces including containers, chassis, tractors, agricultural and construction machinery, railings, gates, marine structures, pipes, lamp posts and more.

Suitable for a huge variety of materials including hardened old paint, factory-primed new parts, bare steel sheets, galvanised steel sheets, manually-de-rusted surfaces, aluminium, paintable plastics and wood.