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BAULOC® Construction Site Lockers

BAULOC®: Secure on-site storage

BAULOC® (meaning “construction management of c-parts”) is our security solution for construction sites and other work areas where the needs of organised tool storage and site safety are one and the same.

A Würth warehouse right on site
   Stock Security
Controlled and secure access to reduce the risk of loss or theft
   Tailored Layout
Custom configuration to meet your needs and environment
Continuous access to equipment and resupply provided by your Würth representative

Don’t just stock up- be supported and secure throughout your builds

A BAULOC® unit will be with you throughout a construction contract or new build, with pre-picked goods packed into the lockable, portable storage boxes.

Reduce the time taken to fetch components from storage: you can keep the essentials to hand when you transport the BAULOC® storage locker to different areas of a large worksite. A BAULOC® storage chest features wheels as well as forklift mounts for portability in any situation.

Ensure you have stock to meet your project’s needs at any time with BAULOC® from Würth.

Also available: BAULOC® stations

BAULOC® stations are small containers that have been converted into veritable storerooms, delivered to your site.

Equipped with the product range of your choice, BAULOC® stations can transform your building site with sizeable secure tool storage to serve you throughout the duration of your project.

Available Models


Service Box

Transport trolley allowing you to keep your equipment handy.

Interior Dimensions: 1200mm x 800mm x 800 mm

Bauloc® Station


8-foot or 20-foot equipped and secured containers

Padlock protection, ventilation, electricity, shelving.

2438mm x 2200mm x 2260 mm and 6058mm x 2438mm x 2591 mm

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