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One of the biggest challenges faced by companies is to correctly reorder a large number of different items by type and value.

Traditionally, the warehouse operator records the items to be reordered on paper, but doing so takes a long time and may be subject to a high error rate.

Our Product Barcode Scanner

Complete the link between your stocktake and purchasing system with ORSY® Scan. Quickly and easily make your shopping list with fewer errors.

   Save Time
Simple and efficient standalone ordering
   Control of Orders and Budgets
Assign orders by department, require approvals, and more
   Better Management
No more stock outages or typing errors when placing an inventory
Scan and order 24/7


Each item has a unique barcode to identify it. Using a barcode reader, companies that use e-procurement can quickly scan the product to be purchased and immediately transmit the order to Würth. This saves time and avoids errors.

Once you have scanned all the items you want to reorder, simply connect the barcode reader to your PC: all the selected items will be transferred to your Würth e-Shop basket. The Purchasing Office can delete items, add more items, or change quantities.

Not only that, you can also charge scanned items to their cost centres, send the order for approval to the Purchasing Office Manager through the multilevel purchase authorization function or, in the case of OCI/Punchout integration, you can upload the items into your management system and then send the order to Würth.

  • Scan barcode labels of your products
  • Connect your ORSY® scanner to your computer's USB port
  • Create your shopping cart automatically on our online store
  • Finalise your purchase and check out

Advantages of the Barcode Scanner

The Würth Scanner is a new tool for warehouse workers to scan items and prepare an order in a fraction of the time taken to manually collect product information and input this order.

The Barcode Scanner:

  • helps you take stock and reorder items quickly
  • avoids errors in the transmission of product barcodes
  • works even in the absence of a data connection
  • is a useful tool that optimizes the operation of the warehouse worker
Implement a barcode catalogue to reorder your favourite products even faster!

Implement a Barcode Scanner to Save Time and Reduce Errors

Implement a barcode catalogue to reorder your favourite products even faster!

Find products in your custom-printed catalogue and use ORSY® Scan to fill your e-Shop basket.

You can contact Würth to apply for the barcode reader and receive it for free by signing a free loan agreement.

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