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ORSY® System Case

ORSY® System Cases: Modular, universal storage with system inserts

An award winning design and a breakthrough in efficient site and workshop storage, the System Case is Würth’s portable storage solution for tools and components.

Carrying case for any tools and components you choose
   Durable Body
Shatter-resistant, chemical resistant and resistant to environmental factors
Take on the go, convert it into a stationary toolbox, or connect to other cases to carry more in one trip
   Intelligent Design
Structured storage with System inserts for small parts or foam insert for specific tools

Using a grid system, different sized system inserts can be securely fitted in your case to tailor your toolbox. Inserts are easily swapped out and compatible with every case in the product range.

The ORSY® System grid is based on storage compartment units that are “1.1.1” at the minimum. System Cases are produced in numerous form factors to maximise the optimal use of space.

Available sizes include 4.4.1, 4.4.2, 8.4.1 and 8.4.2

System Insert Sizes

This insert system allows countless variations and combinations for your unique storage needs. Inserts can be removed and your case can also be fitted with inserts for specific tools.

Useful cases, for all use cases

Some of the many storage setups possible with ORSY® System Cases

Made from ABS Plastic, System Cases are extremely durable yet lightweight, to protect your tools and components. Cases are scratch, impact and chemical resistant to ensure your equipment is protected at all times.

Each case has a comfortable rubber handle that can carry up to 60kg.

Some cases feature a transparent lid to allow fast identification of the components within. This lid features a grid to match the system inserts within, preventing small parts from being displaced from their area, even when the case is inverted.

Cases can be stacked and combined together to easily transport equipment around the site in fewer trips

The cases can also be mounted in a storage rack and transformed into drawers, in workshops, on site or as part of a Würth Vehicle Equipment installation

Shop for empty system cases to build the perfect toolset, or explore our range of component assortment cases

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