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In the United Kingdom’s efforts to reduce emissions, E5 petrol is being replaced with E10 fuel to cut cars’ contributions to carbon in the atmosphere.

You can protect engine parts during service and extend the service life of vehicles with proper fuel treatment for petrol engines.

Read on to learn more about E10 petrol and how it may affect your work.

What is E10 petrol?

E10 Petrol has a higher proportion of ethanol to petrol than traditional E5 fuel.

E5 fuel contains a mixture of 5% ethanol and 95% petrol. This is now switching over to a mixture of 10% renewable ethanol and 90% petrol.

The use of E10 fuel results in less carbon produced by engine emissions, and reduces the quantity of fossil fuels powering vehicles across the UK

By introducing E10 petrol carbon emissions can be reduced by as much as 750,000 tonnes a year which is the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road!

How will E10 affect my car?

Almost all (95%) petrol-powered vehicles on the road today can use E10 petrol and all cars built since 2011 are compatible.

E10 fuel may result in an increase in fuel consumption and reduced engine performance.

A higher amount of ethanol can cause corrosion to rubber parts, gaskets, seals, metals and plastics. It also can increase the amount of water content present in the fuel.

Protect Vehicles from Corrosion in its fuel system

Würth’s Petrol Performance Improver is suitable for treating the fuel system of vehicles using E10 fuel.

Petrol Performance Improver combats the hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing) property of E10 fuel to reduce the occurrence of water condensation within vehicle fuel tanks, preventing corrosion.

Petrol Performance Improver also cleans deposits in the fuel system for smoother operation and a longer service life. A cleaner fuel system helps reduce fuel consumption.

How To Use

To use Petrol Performance Improver, simply empty the contents of the can into the fuel tank. The additive is self-mixing for easy use.

The optimum amount of Petrol Performance Improver to use is 150ml for 35–40 litres or 300ml for 70–75 litres, although there is no risk in using too much of the product.

Why not try Würth's Petrol Performance Enhancer to maintain vehicles using E10 petrol?

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