Find safe cleaning products and disinfectants for food preparation areas and factories, and food safe maintenance products. Certified Food Safe

Food Processing Equipment

Do you work in food production or food processing?

Does your supply chain demand maintenance of food-handling machinery and the cleaning of food preparation areas?

Is it a challenge to find food-safe chemicals you can rely on?

Würth is a leading global trade supplier in operation for 75 years. We provide a wide variety of technical chemicals, tools and service products that are rated food safe by NSF.

NSF International (formerly the National Sanitation Foundation) develops safety testing criteria and provides accreditation to qualifying products.

Würth products that bear the NSF Mark are guaranteed to be safe for use in food production and food handling areas (kitchens, dining areas, food storage).

You can find more information on the NSF Mark here

To ensure the maximum safety of consumers, we offer food manufacturers products they can trust, as well as safety data sheets and technical information on all our products. Our reliable logistics chain and supply solutions (e.g. ORSY®) ensure you’re never unexpectedly out of stock.

Würth has established itself as a trusted supplier in the food production sector thanks to our wide range of applicable products, all stringently tested to NSF standards.

Our range of food-safe products include mechanical lubricants, cleaning chemicals, and products for food production personnel. Read on to see a breakdown of our products that carry the NSF Mark.

Food Processing Areas

Info on NSF-Mark Categories

Products approved for an NSF-Mark are divided into different categories depending on their application, and are assigned a letter. Some NSF products for use in food e.g. smoke flavouring agents, foam-controlling chemicals, substances for cleaning edible parts. Our NSF-Mark products are non-food compounds that have been approved for use around food e.g. general cleaners, hand sanitizers and mechanical lubricants. Some of these products are recognised by other regulatory bodies besides NSF (e.g. ANSI, ISEGA).

Learn more about these categories at the NSF website:

Food Area Sanitiser
Article no. 0893117561
Safe to spray around food, designed to completely remove bacteria and disinfect areas
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Industry Cleaner
Article no. 0893140
Specialty cleaner for removing adhesive tape residue, labels and stickers. Gentle on aluminium, brass and stainless steel; dissolves wax, rubber abrasion, silicone residues, permanent market, oil and grease.
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Metal Restorer/Metal Abrasive Paste
Article no. 08931211
Removes the most stubborn dirt on metal including metal oxidation, surface rust, Verdigris, lime and boiler scale. Gentle on materials.
Shop Metal Restorer
Article no. 08901096
Can be used in areas in which food is processed or stored (NSF H1/K1). Ecologically delicate compound for cleaning and temporary lubrication. Removes oils, encrusted resin and silicone residues.
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Stainless Steel Care Oil
Article no. 08931210
Tested for use in areas where food is processed or stored. Water-repellent protective film prevents surface from becoming re-soiled.
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Stainless Steel Care Spray
Article no. 0893121
Cleaning care emulsion for metallic surfaces. Thoroughly removes dirt, marks and grease.
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Stainless Steel Power Cleaner
Article no. 08931212
For cleaning metal surfaces before application of care oil. Thoroughly removes oils, dust and machining residue. Safe for use in food-processing operations such as industrial kitchens, canteens, slaughterhouses, food transport facilities and more.
Shop Stainless Steel Power Cleaner
Universal Cleaning Cloth
Article no. 0890900
Disposable wipes to quickly and thoroughly clean most surfaces. Cleans tools, surfaces and hands.
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Adhesive Lubricant HHS® Foodstuffs
Article no. 08931076
Waterproof, synthetic adhesive lubricant with penetrating properties. May come into contact with foodstuffs for technical reasons. Good adhesive properties.
Shop Adhesive Lubricant HHS® Foodstuffs
Bond + Seal
Article no. 08901001
Outstanding adhesive strength. Elastic composition absorbs vibration and sound. Suitable for gluing and sealing in food processing areas; harmless to health in hardened state.
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Bond + Seal Fast
Article no. 0890100710
Fast-acting sealant; suitable for use in food processing areas (ISEGA-certified)
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Bond + Seal Power
Article no. 08932353
Heavy duty structural adhesive with international approval for use in food-related areas. Virtually odourless. Solvent free; non-corrosive
Shop Bond + Seal Power
Engine and Housing Sealing Compound
Article no. 0890100048
Permanently plastic sealing compound with high temperature resistance. Non-toxic, NSF-registered to class P1.
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Food Safe Lubricating Oil
Article no. 08931071
Lubricant with creeping properties for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and clinical industries. Tasteless and odourless.
With a wide range of applications on surfaces such as aluminium, stainless steel, plastics, polycarbonate glass, epoxy and more. In this context, the product may come into occasional contact with food.
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High-Strength Bearing Lock
Article no. 0893603050
For high strength connection of cylindrical parts subjected to high loads. Prevents frictional corrosion, resistant to a large number of bases gases, solvents, oils and fuels. NSF registered (class P1).
Shop High-Strength Bearing Lock
High-Strength Screw Retainer
Article no. 0893270050
Metal-free, food-safe lubricant paste that reduces wear, separates surfaces reliably and provides outstanding corrosion protection.
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High-Temperature Lubricant Paste HSP 1400
Article no. 08932700
Removeable sealing compound in convenient single-handed dispensing system. NSF-tested in accordance with ANSI 61.
Shop High-Temperature Lubricant Paste HSP 1400
Article no. 0893107001
Paraffin oil-based lubricant that reduces wear and friction. Can be used in areas in which food is processed or stored (NSF H1).
Shop LMS-Fluid
Low-Strength Pipe Sealant with PTFE
Article no. 0893511050
Easily-removable pipe sealant. Immediately seals against pressure of up to 5 bar. Silicone- and solvent-free. NSF-tested to NSF/ANSI 61.
Shop Low-Strength Pipe Sealant with PTFE
Medium-Strength Pipe Sealant
Article no. 0893577050
For sealing all threaded metallic pipe couplings and fittings. Neutral reaction to most industrial liquids/gases. NSF-certified to NSF/ANSI 61
Shop Medium-Strength Pipe Sealant
Medium-Strength Screw Retainer
Article no. 08932430
For medium-strength bonds; removable with tools. Silicone-free, highly resistant to a number of alkaline solutions, gases, solvents, oils and fuels. NSF-tested in accordance with ANSI 61.
Shop Medium-Strength Screw Retainer
Multi-purpose Grease III
Article no. 0893107002
Highly adhesive, resistant to dust and water. Resin-, acid- and silicone-free. Physiologically inert; colourless. Can be used in areas in which food is processed or stored (NSF H1)
Shop Multi-purpose Grease III
Multi-purpose Grease IV
Article no. 0893107003
Synthetic grease resistant to high pressure- excellent emergency running properties. Can be used in areas in which food is processed or stored. NSF H1-registered. May come into contact with foodstuffs for technical reasons.
Shop Multi-purpose Grease IV
Rost-Off Special
Article no. 0893130400
Outstanding creeping properties and lubrication. Up to 60% biodegradable. High-performance rust remover with food registration (NSF H2).
Suitable for use in areas where food is processed or stored. However, direct contact with food by the product must be prevented.
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Silicone Sealant Food Grade
Article no. 08928443
Good adhesion to glass, tiles and paint coatings. Resistant to UV, weather and ageing. Meets NSF/ANSI Standard 51 requirements.
Shop Silicone Sealant Food Grade
Article no. 0893221000
High-quality, physiologically safe anti-friction agent with optimum sliding and lubricating properties. Resistant to extreme temperatures (-50°C to +250°C). Colourless, non-staining. The product may come into contact with foodstuffs for technical reasons (NSF H1).
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Superglue Klebfix
Article no. 089309
For bonding metal, plastic and rubber in a matter of seconds. Solvent and silicone-free. NSF tested (P1 and NSF/ANSI 61) for use in service water and drinking water.
Shop Superglue Klebfix
Disposable Nitrile Glove
Article no. 0899470150
Liquid-proof, food-safe disposable glove. Powder-free, silicone-free. Suitable for food processing industry, catering and pharmaceuticals.
Shop Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Plastic Funnel Set Food Safe
Article no. 0891410010
Set of funnels in rugged plastic. Food-safe, resistant to oil and fuel.
Shop Food Safe Plastic Funnel Set
NameArticle No.
Adhesive Lubricant HHS® Foodstuffs08931076
Bond + Seal 08901001
Bond + Seal Fast0890100710
Bond + Seal Power08932353
Disposable Nitrile Glove 0899470150
Engine and Housing Sealing Compound0890100048
Food Area Sanitiser 0893117561
Food Safe Lubricating Oil 08931071
High-Strength Bearing Lock 0893603050
High-Strength Screw Retainer 0893270050
High-Temperature Lubricant Paste HSP 14000893123
Industry Cleaner0893140
Low-Strength Pipe Sealant with PTFE 0893511050
Medium-Strength Pipe Sealant 0893577050
Medium-Strength Screw Retainer 08932430
Metal Restorer/Metal Abrasive Paste 08931211
Multiclean 08901096
Multi-purpose Grease III 0893107002
Multi-purpose Grease IV0893107003
Plastic Funnel Set Food Safe0891410010
Rost-Off Special0893130400
Silicone Sealant Food Grade08928443
Stainless Steel Care Oil08931210
Stainless Steel Care Spray0893121
Stainless Steel Power Cleaner08931212
Superglue Klebfix089309
Universal Cleaning Cloth0890900