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Viking Arm: One-Handed Assembly Tool

Ideal for quickly and easily aligning windows, hanging doors, clamping and more

Viking Arm is our new high quality assembly tool that allows you to single-handedly perform assemblies and adjustments with a minimum of effort. The Viking Arm is perfect for many heavy lifting, lowering and clamping tasks in a multitude of trades!

Viking Arm Assembly Tool
  • The spring tensioned trigger allows you to incrementally expand the tool and raise objects

  • The release pump allows controlled lowering of the mechanism.

  • Heavy objects can be carefully and precisely positioned with less strain on the operator.

  • The maximum load of the Viking Arm is 150kg, allowing you to mount windows and other elements with ease.

This setting tool allows precise adjustment of your work pieces to the millimetre. The Viking Arm’s expansion power can also be used as a setting tool by pressing elements together in a controlled manner that keeps the pressure on!

The flat panel of the Viking Arm can be swapped with differently sized attachments for versatility in your craft. The tool can be turned around and used as a clamping tool, allowing you to trade its expansion strength for powerful clamping with the same easy one-handed operation.

The Viking Arm is extremely handy for window installers, fitters, joiners and all other trades requiring fine adjustment and heavy lifting when working independently.

Visit the Viking Arm product page now to learn more!