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Würth Vehicle Equipment

Developed for over 30 years, Würth Vehicle Equipment provides top quality storage solutions for work vehicles across the world. The Würth group installs approximately 50,000 vehicle equipment systems a year.

Developed in-house and produced by a Würth subsidiary company, our vehicle equipment can enhance the functionality of your vehicle to help you go further in your work.

Quality, Durability, Efficiency

Würth Vehicle Equipment is manufactured from high quality materials in state of the art facilities. We guarantee the highest level of quality, assembled by trusted professionals.

All components of your vehicle equipment setup is made from load-bearing yet lightweight materials, to keep fuel consumption low while ensuring maximum safety.

Safe and Sound Storage

Safety is a paramount concern to Würth. Our Vehicle Equipment is rigorously crash-tested to ensure structural integrity and lasting service with no compromise on quality.

We also offer a variety of load securing equipment and connection elements, to keep everything in its proper place during transit.

Tailored to your needs: Plan your setup down to the last detail

Vehicle equipment installations are achieved with your input every step of the way, to optimise the space in your own vehicle to suit your work. While some components are preassembled, we want to accommodate your requests of particular storage and equipment modules, to make sure you can work optimally.

To maximise the storage potential of your vehicle, the layout and features of Würth Vehicle Equipment is designed with your specific work vehicle in mind. We can measure your vehicle and account for side doors, rear doors and boot space to get the most out of your car, truck or van.

Bring everything you need in the field

Würth Vehicle Equipment encompasses storage space including shelving, racking and tool drawers, but also covers dedicated equipment for your daily tasks. Choose from a range of useful modules including hose reels, paper roll dispensers, pull out workbenches, electrical connection, and more.

You can even integrate our System Case storage boxes to turn your toolboxes into tool trolleys and drawers on the go.

We also offer a huge range of accessories to keep loads secure when on the move, including strapping and railings as well as accessories such as hook straps, eyelets and nets.

Vehicle Types

Würth Vehicle Equipment is designed to flexibly enhance a wide variety of makes and models of work vehicles, from trucks to panel vans, flatbed trucks, 4x4s and even hatchbacks. We have numerous modules to make the most of the storage space in a range of vehicles big and small.

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